Your Writing Guide

If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must write it.

Toni Morrison

Man writing a journal

Welcome to your next literary adventure. YWG is where we craft stories, create fictions, relate facts, document history, build suspense, generate laughs, and where we compose words into compelling forms that change lives. YWG is where we make real what is not yet real.

YWG serves your needs by ensuring your writing is excellent, correct, compelling, powerful and rewarding. YWG is a full-service literary partner: improving prose and fundamentals, adding humor or suspense, building indelible characters and unforgettable stories. You have tales to tell and we’re here to help you tell them well.

Begin at the Beginning

Writing excellence begins with foundations, basics, the tools of the trades. YWG makes certain your craftwork is correct for your purposes: spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation and composition. It is a rule of art that a reader or viewer is relieved of the responsibility to appreciate your work if flaws exist in its execution. YWG ensures that your work is undeniably excellent. 

There is a big difference between

Let’s eat, Grandma.  


Let’s eat Grandma. 

Both sentences are correct but YWG will make sure you’re using the one that suits your story. 

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 

Maya Angelou

The Value of Excellence

The craft of writing is being assaulted by technology. You only have to check your text messages to experience the torture of today’s written word. That said, literary excellence is more prized today than ever. People who can compose well-crafted sentences, themes, stories, presentations and related items become more successful than those persons who cannot communicate well. YWG not only improves your immediate needs but we also help you understand literary excellence for your future goals.