Capabilities and Services

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Literary Capabilities

·       Fiction

o   Suspense, drama, humor, crime, history

·       Non-fiction

o   Memoir, biography, auto-biography, history, crime, comedy

·       Script Writing

o   Plays, screenplays, sketches, comedy, lyrics, poems, presentations

·       Business 

o   Leadership, ownership, training, how-to, sales, memoir, best practices, presentations

·       Humor

o   Testimonials, tributes, sketches, monologues, eulogies, scripts

·       Novelization

o   Turning non-fiction into fiction



In the past 10 years, Your Writing Guide has produced:


  • 40+ published books
  • Hundreds of presentations, speeches and tributes
  • Scripts for the stage, television, YouTube, businesses and events
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  • Technical corrections: 
  • Markups:
  • Story and Character Analysis:
  • Full Ghost Writing




YWG provides contracted work-for-hire services. Ownership of all materials resides with our clients. 

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